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Mr16 light bulbs:

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Energy Light Bulbs stock a huge range of energy efficient light bulbs that include the mr16 bulb, the g9 bulb, the g4 light bulb, a massive line of the 12v halogen bulb and many more.  Whatever light bulb you need we are confident that you will find it with and at the right price.  It important to us that all our light bulbs are energy efficient and that are customers are aware of this, so when you look at any light bulb that we supply, whether it be the mr11 bulb or the g9 halogen bulb you will see the energy efficiency scale at the bottom of the page indicating how each bulb is rated.

Mr16 light bulbs are a very popular 12v halogen bulb; they are also available as the led mr16 bulb.  The mr16 bulbs as well as the mr11 bulb are available in a number of wattages, getting the correct watt mr16 bulb is very important as it will ensure the quality of light that you have and also the lifespan of you mr16 bulbs, if you get a wattage that is too high or too low it is likely that your light bulb will not reach its optimum performance and may also reduce the life span of mr16 light bulbs.

The g4 light bulb and g9 light bulbs are both examples of the capsule bulbs that we supply, both g4 bulbs and the g9 halogen bulbs are fitted with safety fuses to prevent them exploding at the end of there life.  The g9 bulb is rated highly on the energy efficiency scale as well as g4 bulbs which are rated as a C, meaning that they are both extremely energy efficient and can help you reduce your electricity bill in the long term.

So whether you are after a led mr16 bulb or g4 light bulbs you will find what you need with us and can be confident that you are helping the environment while saving money.  We also offer free shipping with all goods sold, whether you just need 1 bulb or 50 all postage and packaging will be inclusive of the price you see.


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